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Gooey, Greasy, Cheesy, Good


Cheeseburger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made a cheeseburger salad tonight; it’s one of my favorite dinners.

It took everything I had not to lick the fry pan, with its layer of grease, butter and melted cheese. It’s the best part of the meal, really.

Basically, this dinner is everything you would put on a burger, minus the bun and fries: mixed greens, sliced tomatoes, grilled onions,  pickle relish, a dab of ketchup and mayo and the cheeseburger. I fix the 80/20 burger mixture early, with an egg, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, Cajun blackening spice and garlic. I’ve done a buffet version of this for my brother’s very picky kids, and they love it.

It’s that pan of leftover slick and bits that I hate to lose, though. I’ve wondered about keeping it in a jar in the fridge, and using it to season a variety of things, like scrambled eggs, fish, chicken, other beef dishes and even ice cream. What, cheeseburger ice cream doesn’t work for you? It’s perfectly OK to add bacon to everything nowadays, including more bacon. So why not cheeseburger?

Here’s my rationale for enjoying the occasional real-deal burger:

  • I work out every day, an hour minimum.
  • I eat carefully around the item I rationalize. The burger-and-salad combo tonight meant eating lightly all day long.
  • No dessert and no other snacking after dinner. I just cannot sleep on that much. Can’t lose weight on it, either.
  • Best reason of all: I’d hate to have people stand around and talk about me after I die, and say, “Gee, she was a good person, but she really should have eaten more fun food. She would have been much happier.”

I did scrape the drippings, melty cheese and all, into the trash and got some soap and water into the pan fast, lest The Husband catch me over the sink, my tongue working the rim of a ten-inch Calphalon saute pan like a Zamboni at halftime.

I just wandered out into the living room. Guess what? The Husband is snacking on crackers – and cheese.

Do you think it’s too late to dig through the trash?



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