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I’d Walk A Mile (Or More) For A Freebie

English: A bowl of Cheerios

English: A bowl of Cheerios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like a good bargain. I’m even willing to work for it.

I had a few coupons due to expire today, and a national chain drugstore had a decent sale on something I use a lot. The store is a mile and a half away, which is certainly close enough as a decent walk. But it’s hot out. About 85 degrees, plus considerable humidity.

Don’t get me wrong. I can more than handle the heat. And honestly, a mile and a half (three miles for the round trip) is not really a worthy use of gas and tires, even in my little subcompact. And letting those coupons expire seemed like a crime, especially when using them meant the items were free.

The Husband does not really get any of this. Does not get the coupon thing, does not get the walking-for-exercise thing (especially since I exercised this morning), does not get why I would want to suffer the heat when I have a perfectly good car sitting in the driveway that will get me from Point A to Point Wherever in good time. And really does not get why I want more of something I already have stockpiled in the pantry.

I can explain the heat thing (I need to acclimatize for my races), the exercise thing (good for my cholesterol and blood pressure and the coupon thing (senseless to throw away money). I’ve given up on the stockpile thing. Trust me, he loves it when he can wander in the spare bedroom and find “surprise” food (“surprise” food is defined as something he thought we were out of, but of course, we could not be out of, because I stockpile it). He may question the need for the pantry, but I know his secret satisfaction with it.

And just what was that freebie item I went looking for today? My favorite cereal, CheeriosĀ©, was on sale, plus I had a national and store coupon. (Oh, and saw the controversial commercial featuring the mixed-race family. For the record, I loved it. I’m looking forward to the day General Mills makes one with same-sex parents. Now that will be thirty seconds heard ’round the world).


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