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The season so far: sore but inspired

They says this old age thing isn’t for sissies. Whoever “they” are, they aren’t kidding.

Four competitions in five weeks, with another one next week, tends to leave a person hurting a bit. Toss work and writing and keeping up with the house on top of all that, and even I am surprised I still get up some mornings. Miss Bayer, Kid Advil and Aunt Aleve have become close members of my family now.

I’m slowly filling out the competition calendar, trying out some new things over the next few months. The World Out Games are coming to the  area, and I plan to swim there. I’m straight, so you many wonder why I’d go to something that’s geared toward bi, gay and trans athletes. I think the athletic community as a whole has to show love and respect towards athletes whose sexual and gender orientation is alternative to what the world expects. The Pulse nightclub shooting is part of the impetus, but these are ordinary people who do extraordinary things and also happen to be bi, gay and trans.  I’m looking forward to the experience – and looking for an affordable hotel.

I’m going back to a half-marathon in March (I swore these off years ago),  hoping to do my first Olympic triathlon in April and aiming for an open water swim of more than a mile in May.  The holidays are coming, and aside from some standard entertaining, I hope to do some resting. This upcoming weekend’s swim meet will afford some visiting time with family, plus a hotel room in which I do not have to make the bed, clean the bathroom or hang up my clothes. Hey, I’ll take a gift any way I can get it.

I’ve got a 10-mile run, a 10K, local and state Senior Games, a triathlon and one or two postal swims left before the holidays. How about you? What’s your sports torture du jour? And if it hurts, why do you do it?hard


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I Hate To Say This About Caitlyn Jenner…

…but (s)he looks better in a dress than I ever did.


For most women, it’s a little black dress. For Caitlyn Jenner, it’s freedom.

I’m not proud of that statement. But I am happy for Jenner. Note that I am still using the dual pronoun, since 1) all the physical gender transformation surgery is not completed, and 2) the legal paperwork (birth certificate, Social Security and driver’s license) is not done. Jenner has adopted the feminine pronoun, so I have to respect that, too.

There’s a lot out there on this issue. Many just don’t understand why, at this stage of life, Jenner didn’t just buck up and accept life as a male. After all, he had the Olympic glory, the wives, the kids, the Wheaties box and other spokesman gigs, the reality show and made pretty decent money throughout. Why bother to do this now?

Others just plain hate Jenner for it, calling what (s)he’s doing the result of a sick and deranged mind, a case of body dysmorphic disorder, a cry for attention or a plot to get a new reality show.

But others, from his own children to other transgenders including Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black, are speaking up on social media, not only applauding the transition, but going so public with it as to put it on the cover of Vanity Fair, in a pretty provocative outfit and pose.

I’m happy for Jenner, and on a somewhat different level, I understand the here and now of it. Jenner simply wants to look like the other girls. Jenner wants the woman inside to match on the outside. That’s not hard to figure out. (S)he’s known for years that something was not “right,” that the image presented to the world and the image in the private mirror did not match. But years ago, the timing wasn’t right to make the change. Athletics, marriages, young children and making a superstar’s living took priority. But with all that out of the way, and moving away from the chronic chaos that is the Kardashian clan, Jenner now has time for Jenner, and living the life that perhaps should have been all those years ago.

It is not sick, deranged or wrong to realize that who you really are and who you’ve been presenting to the world are at war with one another. Better to do whatever you can, whatever you have to in order to reconcile the two and live life to the best and fullest. Jenner is fortunate to have the love and support of family, friends and transgendered individuals, known and unknown, to get through this. The very public admission of what has been a balancing act of a life lived and the new found freedom of a life to come is the mark of a brave soul, gender notwithstanding.


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