Big calendar, big plans

One year, three triathlons. I never thought I’d do one, let alone three.

The first, the super-sprint, was the test. The second and third were sprints, and in fact, I finished second in one and third in the other. You’re damned right I got the medals. They are hanging next to my bed, so they are the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.

I’ve got one of those big paper flip calendars in front of me, with enough room to write in my races and my training schedule. Yes, I have a smartphone, Excel spreadsheet and all the other digital doo-dads. I’d use them, but I like the paper version better.

This calendar has a hook, and that means it can hang on the wall. And that means I can see it. It confronts me every time I walk into my home office. A paper calendar says “I’m here, and you cannot ignore me. You put your plans here, ink on paper. So shut up and get it done.”

I know the digital way is more modern and has a better “cool” factor. I’ve seen my fellow competitors whip out their iPhones and compare the info they’ve downloaded from their FitBits, cycling computers and heart monitors. And those are all good tools, if you can spend the money on the purchase and maintenance. A paper calendar is zero maintenance, other than filling it in and checking off your accomplishments.

I’m off from work this week, so I’m doing a lot of quality training time and picking from the lists of what’s next. I’m looking at a possible six triathlons in 2016, including my first international. That’s on top of 10 swim meets, 12-14 road races and maybe my first ever bike event.

Here’s to a racy and injury-free new year for all of us.
Share your thoughts and stories, my fellow Athena,
Clydesdale and other competitors. We may all look and play
differently, but we’re still one big, happy, mostly functional


A path to somewhere, and a plan to get me there.


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One response to “Big calendar, big plans

  1. There is something about writing things down. Keep up the hard work!

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