Triathlon minus 10 days; is a no training day a cop-out?

. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

It’s almost here, and it’s a sprint distance tri this time.

Training is really a grind as you get older.

Stuff hurts more often and for longer periods of time. And because you’re more forgetful, you don’t recall just how bad it was the last time you ached. That first aid kit on the shelf now takes up the entire shelf. Where once there was lingerie and other silly pretty things, there are now bandages, tape, first-aid creams and muscle rub compounds.

The living room couch boasts a permanent addition: a heating pad, plugged in and always at the ready.

I now look at Relax The Back catalogs  with the same drooling devotion I once reserved for Williams-Sonoma.

Getting out of bed in the morning requires a 10-minute stretch, or my body makes sounds like a bowl of crispy rice cereal and four-letter words issue forth from my brain to my mouth.

I now have so many bodily scars, dents and pings, I can probably go to my plastic surgeon and ask if a total body refurbish job  is a possibility.

Why does anyone do this? Where’s the root of obsession, addition and dark-side desire to get up, get out and go to yet one more event? I’ve even scheduled an “away” 5K while we’re on vacation.The Husband does have a sense of humor about this, as long as he gets to do and see what’s on his list. But considering we go on one vacation a year, because most of my other time is used up for competitive events, does make me wonder if my motivation switch is stuck in the “On” position, somewhere between “Hell, Yes!” and “Can’t Stop.”

And what’s so hard about a day off that I was actually forced to schedule two of them a month in the months leading up to my next triathlon on Sept. 6? The body needs rest, but compelling it to do so makes me jittery, guilty and in search of something to do.

We have a storm brewing off the coast. Right now, it’s Tropical Storm Erika. It will likely be Hurricane Erika in a few days. Conveniently, it may blow through on Monday. I could use a Monday to myself. I mean, normally I’d be out running a few miles on the local high school track, but I have a final transition practice to do Sunday, so a Monday off would be nice. A day off, six days before a triathlon. Really, I can do that. I have projects, like dust bunny removal, window washing, yard work and paperwork to file. What’s that, you say? I don’t seem concerned about the storm itself? On the contrary, a Category 1 hurricane is a concern. It can bring downed trees and power lines, flooding and damage to homes and businesses.  Oh, and block the road for cyclists, close the pool for practice…WHAT? It’s almost here…and a sprint tri this time. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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