Two Weeks To Triathlon, And What Was I Thinking Again?

Actually, it’s less than two weeks until triathlon Saturday.

It’s for real now. The two-day camp is done: no bruises, no blood and nothing broken (on me or the bike). I did my first ocean swim, which is very different from the discipline of the pool. No lane lines, no walls, no guidance other than the buoy markers. It’s liberating, in an odd, “welcome to the dark side” sort of way, especially if you’ve only been a lap swimmer.

I’ve practiced transitions (and decided to get the elastic laces, though I don’t think it will be much of a time saver for a first-timer like myself), practiced doing and undoing my bike cleats while riding, walking the bike to and from “the line” and even spent time running the wood chip trail that will comprise the run. I hate trail running, I don’t even consider it running; it’s somewhere between a slog and a jog for me. I’ll never get to the point where I like it, but by June 27th, I figure I’ll at least hate it a little less.

What else can I do? Watch what I eat (nothing unusual, no heavy meals, no carbo overloads and drink plenty of water), try not to cut myself (open wounds and salt water are not a good match), rest (a four-letter word meaning inactivity) and not overthink this. Don’t overthink how I look out there (I could go into the lack of triathlon clothing for participants larger than stick-figure size, but that’s a whole ‘nother post), or the time factor, or what could go wrong.

This is about getting it as right as possible the first time, not getting it perfect, while still having a perfectly good time doing it.

The Triathlon start: it’s a jungle out there. Photo courtesy of Maria Georgieva/Creative Commons.


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