I Got Stupid and Signed Up For A Triathlon

This is what I'm used to. Won't be this nice in a triathlon.

This is what I’m used to. Won’t be this nice in a triathlon.

It’s been a busy time here. And yes, you read the headline right. I got stupid and decided to add yet another new endeavor to my bucket list. Bad enough my first open water swim is two weeks away. Now I have a triathlon less than three months away as well.

It seemed like a good idea at the time I hit the “Register Now” button on the website. No, I didn’t think it through for very long. Yes, I did have a sports-deprived childhood. No, my parents weren’t mean to me. Yes, I can cycle, run and swim. No, I have no idea what I’m doing in triathlon-land. Yes, I think I will figure it out.

I’ve already had my first shock trying to find a one-piece triathlon suit, Size is a problem. My size, not the suit’s size. Triathlon types are skinny people. I am not one of those types. So the search is ongoing. I have all the other gear I need. I have three months to build up a good-size case of nerves. Part of me wants someone to talk me out of this. Part of me wants to find out if fear and adrenaline are enough to push someone through a multi-sport endeavor.  As time and training go on, I’ll keep you posted on what I do, what I learn and even confess to (at least some of) the abysmally idiotic things I don’t plan on, but will inevitably happen along the way to the last Saturday in June.


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