Score: Road Rash 1, Me Zero

I’m working in shorts today. Turns out it’s better for the road rash on my right leg, though not a good office fashion statement.

Ooops. Courtesy of Wikimedia

It’s the usual story: me on a bike, met up with a car (driver on a cellphone)…and you pretty much know the rest.

I have to tell you, I not only ran a 5K the day after the accident, I did a swim meet five days after it happened. Heck, I paid for both of them. The 5K was fine, but I was probably still working off adrenaline. The swim meet was tougher, because I have an odd cadence to my kick, at least until the skin on the knee comes back.

Of course, the adrenaline wears off and then this stuff hurts. And you cannot really use road rash as an excuse to call into work. It’s not contagious, it’s no longer bleeding and you’re still mobile. I’ve had road rash before, and covering a far greater area of the body, but I was much younger, more resilient and pain was not a four-letter word that described my normal day.

It’s all getting better slowly. I’ve gone back to running, and I will be riding my bike this weekend. Of course I’m going back out there. No one who rides thinks it’s going to be their day to faceplant the pavement. You just have to accept that the odds are in favor of it, put on the helmet, get on the bike and ride.



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