A Runner’s Summer: It’s Getting Hot Out There

Run and drink and run and drink….. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

For most of you, the end of the winter to end all winters is a welcome thing.

You don’t ever want to hear the phrase “polar vortex” again. The next time you pick up a snow shovel, you will probably use it to clonk a TV weatherperson over the head. The words “road salt” are four-letter words of the very, very bad variety.

So the athletes among you are digging out the running shoes, oiling your bikes and making sure your workout gear still fits.

For us, the season is coming to the end. It’s getting hot out there. I know this because I did a 5K this morning. And on an overcast morning, with the threat of rain in the air, plenty of people agreed with me; it’s getting hot out there.

I finished, but not a PR by any means. I did see plenty of runners become joggers, and joggers turn into walkers. A lot of water was consumed, and EMTs were kept busy at the finish line, attending to the confused and overheated.

Hot-weather races feel and smell different, don’t they? The rest rooms/portable potties take on that “ripe” smell a little faster, running shirts get stripped off sooner, water stops get more use and runners move a bit slower after it’s over. And you can tell by the food consumed after the race as well. Fewer pancakes and bagels, more frozen ice pops, oranges and a sports drink in each hand becomes the rule in hot-weather sports.

Oh, and more bragging. Far more bragging about getting out and getting it done in hot conditions. After all, it’s about staring down the elements and beating up on Mother Nature.

So enjoy your racing season, those of you in temperate climates. When I travel this summer, I may try and find a race or two, just for the fun of doing something in a new venue. But in the tropics, it’s too hot to trot.




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    Your writing style is witty, keep it up!

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