Oh, the things you find when you’re not looking for them

The Husband was looking for a charger for one of his electronic devices.

So of course, that meant turning the house inside out. Because we found the box the device came in, the directions and the case, but not the charger. I did find a lot of other lost things, though. This is how it works when you want to find something. Other stuff turns up:

Hair scrunchies, missing (legal) drugs, hair dryers, a super-sized box of aspirin, old radios, a stopwatch that stopped half a lifetime ago, stray coins, a box of combs, four dead electric razors, six model cars. five tubes of sunblock, a pair of red shoelaces, binoculars, a telescope…

Oh, and the charger.

I thought we were neater and more organized than that. The closet looks pretty good, the shelves are full, but the contents make sense, at least to us. Nothing is thrown on them, everything appears placed there. So how did we arrive at this collection of random bits of life while looking for a simple charger? And worse, how did all that searching stir up a pile of dust bunnies and cat hair substantial enough to be removed with a broom and a vacuum?

I think some purging is in order. I have time next week, and an empty box or two sitting around. And I know what you’re thinking; that I would toss things without asking The Husband first. Of course I would not do that. I’d just put the stuff in the boxes, hide the boxes and wait a week. If he doesn’t notice anything different or missing, then it’s donation time.

Unlike the young lady in the video, I’m not happy about this task. I just know it needs to get done. How else can I make room for more stuff?



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