It’s A Trail Mix Kind Of Day, As Long As There’s Chocolate

A measure of my worth when I need a snack: trail mix.

A measure of my worth when I need a snack: trail mix.

I developed something of a serious trail mix habit when my mother was sick, because it was something quick to pick up, fairly nourishing and filling and fulfilled the sweet tooth craving.

She’s been gone two years, and I still have the habit. My tastes have changed a bit over time, though. I like the trail mixes with a lot of chocolate. I figure on a bad day, I can always pick out the chocolate and still claim to have eaten a “healthy” snack because I opened the bag.

My current favorite is a Walgreens brand, with peanuts, cashews, candy-coated chocolate and chocolate-coated caramels. So you got me figured out on this one. I’m buying a trail mix that’s fifty percent chocolate. Is that bad?

I figure I am getting the satisfaction of a chocolate fix along with the thrill of a healthy handful of other good things. Trail mix, back in the day (the 1970s, if you must know), was nuts and dried fruit, period. Hippies, hikers, athletes and other cool people ate trail mix because it was good for you. Now it comes in bags, bars and cereals. It comes raw, unsulfured and roasted. It promises energy, health and good nutrition. Small companies in rural places used to make it; now every food conglomerate has a version of trail mix. I’m still eating it because I got addicted two years ago, during a difficult time in my life. Oh, and those chocolate-covered caramel things aren’t bad, either.



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3 responses to “It’s A Trail Mix Kind Of Day, As Long As There’s Chocolate

  1. I love trail mix, my mom makes her own kind from different nuts and dried fruits, I like the kind with the chocolate lol.

  2. I make my own sometimes, using M&Ms that go on sale after the holiday and adding peanuts and, if I have them, some raisins.
    It’s great food for a long plane ride. For some reason (probably nerves) I get really hungry when I fly.

    • nancymn

      Hiya Donna. Been awhile since I got here to do anything. Fortunately, I’ve been freelancing for money. I could use a good dose of trail mix right about now.

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