Kid Ghosts Of Christmas Past

This morning, The Husband and I went for our Christmas morning walk. It’s an annual thing, designed

English: The Xbox "S" controller.

English: The Xbox “S” controller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to work up an appetite for the holiday dinner later in the day, and see what the other kids (in the literal and young-at-heart sense of the word) got from Santa.

But this year was different. In a three-mile walk through the neighborhood, in balmy weather, there were no kids outside. None. Not a one.

No one on a bike or a skateboard. No shooting hoops or tossing a new football. Heck, not one single soul on a patio, escaping the noise inside while sipping a Bloody Mary.

Where is everybody?

OK, I realize electronics are the biggest deal in terms of gifts. And you can’t ride an Xbox, toss an iPhone through a hoop or use a 50″ plasma TV as an archery target, even if it is really big enough for one. You get or give cool stuff like that, you’re probably going to stay inside with it. But the Electronic Age brought along with it the end of the Outdoor Play Age, in some respects. You don’t hear the shouts and squeals on Christmas morning, as the kids compare their loot and try it out as parents watch, hoping all those hours of trying to follow directions written in nine languages (but not English) was worth the effort of putting together the bike.

Do something different this Christmas. Play with the electronics for a while, then put them down and go outside for a walk through your neighborhood. Yes, I know a lot of you are in the cold and packed into more ice and snow than the average polar bear. But just do this for a few minutes, and remember what it was like to share time without the buzzes, beeps and dings of artificial intelligence that rules our lives 24/7. You may find yourself walking with a few good ghosts from holidays past.



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One response to “Kid Ghosts Of Christmas Past

  1. Funny, we just came in from our walk! No bikes this year but my kids did spend the day putting together their lego kits, reading their new books and assembling teeny-tiny china plates on a dollhouse dining table. No Wii’s, no ipods, no tablets (although we did watch “Annie” after dinner). Old-fashioned might not be trendy but boy, it feels good. Here’s to those simpler holidays!

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