A Subtle Sunrise

From black and starlit sky to deep blue, yet still starlit. I saw it this morning as I stretched out before my run.


I took the opportunity of a day off to head to the beach and run. I never get to see the slow change from dark to just barely daylight. I’m usually swimming at this hour; a head in the water notices very little, other than the bottom of the pool. I was surprised at the stars’ brightness, being so close to humanity and the light it produces. I thought there would be none.


I was in a local park, alone at that moment, waiting for just enough light to tackle the wood-chip track safely, since there are no spotlights or lampposts. I’ve seen plenty of sunsets, doing the nine-to-five thing and driving home when I do. But a long, slow sunrise is a gift. The shape of the clouds as they slowly become evident, looming monster-big against a slow morning sky that no crayon box can ever replicate in its colors.


The nuance of the early day is a gift, something I miss on an ordinary day. I can’t wrap it up or put a bow on it, place it under a tree or give it to anyone else (unless, of course, they want to get up at that gawdawful hour and run with me). But I’ll gladly take it for myself on this Christmas Eve day. And I hope all of you get lucky enough to discover something subtle that you’ve missed, and if you do, consider it a gift to yourself.


Sunrise in SE shortly after New Year.

Sunrise in SE shortly after New Year. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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