It’s Sixty Degrees, Get The Uggs And Light A Fire!

English: A teenage girl wearing Uggs in Dublin...

English: A teenage girl wearing Uggs in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or is that light a fire and throw the Uggs in it? What can I say, I’m not a fan.

But seriously, the weather has finally taken a turn for the chillier. It’s below 60 degrees, and for some  reason, that sets off a signal to haul out the sweaters, clear the store shelves of hot cocoa mix and make use of the fireplace, chiminea, fire pit or whatever is available that will hold a few burning sticks. While out for a run last night, I noticed the neighborhood smelled like a controlled forestry burn.

Of course, the cooler weather does make it easier for the locals to figure out which ones are the tourists. They are the ones in the shorts and T-shirts, standing on the beach and wondering where everyone else has gone. They are the ones on the golf courses, wearing their best summer togs and white shoes. They are the ones going sleeveless in restaurants and movie theaters, looking quite comfortable, while the locals are wrapped in blankets and ordering super-tall screaming steaming lattes. They are the ones bringing ice-cold beer to a stadium tailgate.

The rest of us are digging out our one scarf, ratty (and only) pair of gloves, tights (not because they look good, but because they seem suitable) and boots. And women in particular will go out and buy boots for no discernible reason. There’s no snow, no rain, no extreme cold, and the boots they buy tend to fall into one of two categories: fugly (like Ugg-fugly) or so fashionably ridiculous and useless (high heels, platforms, over-the-knee, exotic species) that you couldn’t shovel anything wearing them if you really needed to do so.

Why do we play-act at winter, anyway? Do we want to make the rest of the country feel like we understand their misery? Do we feel left out? Or are we just poking the polar bear, laughing and pointing while we do it, reminding ourselves that life in a temperate climate is good, and not shoveling snow and scraping ice is really good?

I’m going with poking, laughing and pointing. And speaking of which, I need to Skype family up north. They’re up to their whozits in snow at the moment and I’m going to bring a little sunshine into their lives.


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One response to “It’s Sixty Degrees, Get The Uggs And Light A Fire!

  1. It looks as if our Christmas will be about 80 degrees. The only “white” in sight will be the mashed potatoes.

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