That Grocery Cart Can Be A Killer

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Abandoned Shopping Cart (Photo credit: Big Grey Mare)

I did my holiday grocery shopping last night. Got it done before the masses, and I’m proud of that.

But the trip was not without its interesting moments. Like the mom and two kids at the deli counter. It was a train wreck, I tell you. Hard to watch, yet impossible to quit watching.

The kids, a boy and a girl, were around ages seven, eight or nine. I’m guessing on this, as I am not good with kids or ages. Mom was mid-thirties, athletic-looking. She was trying to order subs at the deli and keep a handle on the kids, who wanted nothing to do with staying put, being controlled or otherwise behaving the way most of us childless people think they should: silent and docile, standing next to their parental unit like they’re tethered to them.

These two young ‘uns had possession of an empty grocery cart. Children and anything on wheels: not always a good combination.

Both of them started out sitting in it, but that got old after about five minutes. Sharing the space turned into a whine-and-slapfest, and both decided cart acrobatics were next up. Who knew a handstand in a grocery cart was possible?

I watched this with both amusement and worry. An accident on their part would likely become an issue on the store’s part, because as a society, that’s how we roll (sorry). I nurtured a hope that the boy would wind up with a stainless steel wedgie, courtesy of one leg out of the cart, one leg in the cart and his bottom hitting dead center on the cart edge. I’m a meanie.

Mom was trying to keep it together, and I give her credit for not yelling or hitting either of them. Then again, I noticed her outfit: baggy white workout pants and a T-shirt from one of our local martial arts/kickboxing schools. No doubt she probably unloads a lot of grief in a small, hot room, pounding her share of inanimate objects.

I pity the kids. The grocery cart can be a killer, but Mom’s got some real danger potential.


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  1. I believe I’ve been there a time or two, on “both sides of the cart,” as it were… 😉 Thanks for the pingback – much appreciated!

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