“Dear Fat Kid: No Candy For You”

English: A digital picture of a candy apple, t...

English: A digital picture of a candy apple, taken by Loui Andary, DaemonDivinus 2005-09-24. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Fargo, N.D. woman has a real treat up her sleeve this Halloween.

But not for everyone; only to the parents of children who are, in her informed opinion, too fat to deserve candy.

Well, step up on your skinny soapbox and let the world know what you think by shaming the kids and their parents, OK?

Look, maybe the woman (who does not have the guts to identify herself) has weight issues in her past. A former fat kid, perhaps, or obese parents who died of heart attacks or diabetes? That kind of thing colors your thinking. It certainly does mine; both Mom and Dad had those kinds of issues. And I’ve always fought the not-so-good fight with the scale, not to mention endured the taunts, stares and lectures from the mean and well-meaning when it comes to food, nutrition and weight.

Trust me: Fargo’s campaign will be no more effective than anyone else trying to bully, beat down, bribe or beg someone to change their habits. You have to decide when enough is enough for you. And as for children too young to make that decision: the influence has to come from people they love and respect and are willing to emulate. And those people would normally be their parents and/or siblings. A total stranger telling them they are fat and not entitled to what the other kids are getting is doing zero good, no matter what her lofty opinions may be. She has not identified herself as a medical person with knowledge and understanding of obesity issues, so why step into the fray? Does she enjoy being the center of attention to the point where becoming a literal target is OK? Does she want her house egged and toilet-papered to the point where it will take a crew of cleaning pros to dig it out? Or perhaps even more appropriate: a bonfire of those letters on her lawn, with the neighborhood kids toasting marshmallows in the flames?

I’d buy a ticket to Fargo to watch that.


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