Running On Empty (And Two Shots Of Cortisone)

Ball-and-stick model of the cortisone molecule...

Ball-and-stick model of the cortisone molecule. Structure from the Spartan database in Spartan ’04 Student Edition. Image generated in Accelrys DS Visualizer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did a practice ten-miler this morning. It wasn’t bad. Until it was.

The distance itself wasn’t the real issue, since I’ve done it before. The problem was the cortisone shots I received yesterday, thanks to a sore neck and shoulder. I figured they would be like a flu shot. I’d get it, and that’s it. Not another thought given, other than the soreness would cease and desist.

The good news is that the original soreness is gone. In its place is pain at the injection sites, plus a lingering nausea as a nice additional after effect.

Don’t get me wrong. Modern medicine is a great thing. My survival and ability to thrive and do what I want to do is thanks in huge part to technology that come in the form of pills, creams and liquids, not to mention at the hands of great dentists and surgeons. I’ve had infections killed off, fungal invaders put down, had bad body parts removed, new ones put in and pain eliminated. But around mile #7 this morning, when the nausea kicked in, I wondered what the heck I was thinking even being out there. I finished, but it was not a thing of beauty. I was spent, done, out of everything – except pain.

I plan to try again in a month. I’d be crazy not to. Aside from the fact I have a half-marathon in four months, it’s a challenge to go out and get this right, and feel good about getting it done, even if I don’t feel great when I get finished. I can deal with the pain at the end; failing to get done what I said I would do (and have already paid for) would be a much bigger pain.


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