First Race Done and in the (Digital) Books

Humans using a running gait. Note the "su...

Humans using a running gait. Note the “suspended phase” in which neither foot touches the ground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The road running racing season has started, and I got my first race for the year out of the way. Not a pretty race, but it’s over.


I chose a five-miler, because that’s a distance that does not come up often around here. And considering there isn’t much racing from June through September, it’s nice to get a long one out of the way first.


It was a big race, by my standards: about 1,600 runners, split very unevenly between the five-mile course and the five-kilometer course. Two elevation changes (a drawbridge out and back), but otherwise flat and fairly shady.


No crowd control at the end, so no breakfast left for the later runners. And the post-race beverage was just weird – an electrolyte water beverage no amount of chilling could help. The Husband tried what was left in the bottle, and remarked that it tasted like flat seltzer water.


No sense in waiting around for results, now that everything is digitized and computerized. Unless you know you are in the top three or an overall winner, you go home and check results online later, after a shower, a meal and a lot of fluids. I remember a time when race organizers had to make tons of copies, or you had to wait until the next day to see the results in the local newspaper. Now race results are as close as your favorite running app or the timing website. In my case, I get to find out faster how much slower I was than everyone else.




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