Twelve To Race Before You Die…Maybe Reykjavik, Iceland?

English: Ashton, Idaho.

English: Ashton, Idaho. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was an online article from USA Today about amazing road races to run before you kick your bucket – and  kiss your bucket list – goodbye.

Three of the races were in the United States: Honolulu‘s marathon, which I could totally understand, and the Emerald Nuts four-miler at midnight on Dec. 31 in New York’s Central Park (it’s not like you can move, much less run through Times Square, so you might as well run somewhere in the city. Besides, there are restrooms in Central Park, and you can get to them on New Year’s Eve. Good luck with that in Times Square). The third one is in Ashton, Idaho, and it’s supposed to be very laid-back and relaxed and well-attended by the locals.

The other nine are in Kenya, Japan, China, Australia, Myanmar, Arctic Canada, Italy, Chile and Iceland.

Just for giggles, I looked at each run and what was offered. I nixed the Emerald Nuts (four miles in a New York winter does nothing for this born-and-raised New Yorker). Japan is either a marathon or 10K distance choice and Arctic Canada is marathon or ultramarathon only. The others offer the half-marathon distance.

Honolulu’s race is in December. Do I have to tell you what it costs to fly to Honolulu in December? The whole world wants to go there. I don’t know a soul in Idaho, though from what I see online, the area looks fabulous: lots of outdoor activities, very little industrial activity and no urban blight.  China’s race involves climbing the Great Wall, or 5,164 Steps of Doom for  This Flatlander. Kenya’s race is run in a wildlife preserve, in June, in temperatures approaching 95 degrees. I could stay home for that kind of heat, though the lions, tigers and elephants might make it interesting. Oh, and the sleeping accommodations on this adventure consist of tents. Nice tents, according to the organizers. But tents. I can camp with the best of them. But after a race…not so much.

So I’m looking at Iceland next August. Looks nothing like home, the flight is five hours (plus the gain of a day) from Washington D.C., ticket prices are about what it cost to fly to Toronto (of course, we still have to get to Dulles, but we can drive or fly there), the people seem nice, the race sounds very well-organized,  hotel prices are not bad, the weather is good at that time of year…I wonder if I can convince The Husband that this might be a really good idea:

“Hey, sweetie, wanna go someplace a little, yanno, different for our next trip?”

“Sure, where were you thinking?”

“Oh, someplace just a little out of the way.”



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