Now I Can See My House Is Dirty

English: A photo of my mother's Washing Machin...

English: A photo of my mother’s Washing Machine. Techynically a washer-dryer combo. Appears to be a model by a company called “Electrolux”. The model is recent as of the date of photo being taken (late 2009). An unremarkable, standard, run-of-the-mill, unimportant, Washing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m in Week Two of the NEE (New Eyesight Era) and I have bad news to report: I can see my house is not as clean as I thought.

It’s not that I’m a bad housekeeper. I work pretty hard at it pretty regularly. But obviously, with my previous lousy eyesight, I was missing a few things.

I thought I was doing a wonderful job. But after a few days of 20/20 vision, I wonder if I’m living at 1313 Skank Avenue. Most of the stuff I’m catching is in the corners, on top of shelves, ceiling fans and under furniture. I noticed that the shower needs recaulking, picture frames need dusting and the top of the washer and dryer are sticky and dirty. The washer and dryer are in the garage, and no one but me would ever notice or care about them, unless they were on fire.

Does cleanliness in your house matter? Is there a “red line” between “OK-to-live-with-messy” and “so messy it’s dangerous to be in here” situations? And if there is a line, how do you know where to draw that line?

In this humble abode, the honey-do list is getting longer. It’s so nice to finally get things done around the house, especially when I can get someone else to do them.



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2 responses to “Now I Can See My House Is Dirty

  1. You can certainly live in a house that’s not so clean. But it feels better to live in a clean house. And now with good vision – you can!

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