I Can (Almost) See Clearly Now

Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Center

Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Center (Photo credit: Army Medicine)


It’s T-minus less than a day to eye surgery. I think I’m ready. I know I’ve done what I can.


The house is clean, there’s toilet paper in the bathrooms and I’ve got meals in the freezer. The Husband has lunch for tomorrow (I don’t think I’ll be wanting much of anything, except rest in a dark room). The cats have food, litter, catnip and toys. I’ve worked out as much as I can (I’ll be able to resume exercise Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on how fast the anesthesia leaves my system), eaten as well as I can and paid bills.


I’m not sure what else I can do, except give up control and let a great surgeon do his thing, twice. One eye this week and one eye next week. I would prefer to get it all over with at once, but the law says no. Most of you understand the part about giving up control. When it’s your habit to make everything around you make sense, fall into place and toe the line, letting it all go to someone else is about as easy as refilling your wallet by robbing a bank.


Sometimes, we have to give up in order to grow up. Put on the big girl panties (or the big boy briefs), take a flying leap of faith and hope the ground does not rise up and smack us. It’s that time. I’ve been missing a lot of life’s visual details for years. I’ll see you folks on the other side of better vision and a good-looking world.





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