Anthropology Dig In My Drawers


Clothes (Photo credit: codey)


This morning, I found a very nice shirt I had not worn in years. It was in one of my dresser drawers. Way, way down in the drawer. Like, I-need-a-shovel-in-here down there.


It’s not my fault I don’t get to use a lot of the hanging closet space. I have to make do with cramming stuff into the drawers. And it’s not pretty when I get a notion to start an expedition in an attempt to locate something, be it real or something I imagine I own.


Truth is, I really don’t own a lot of clothing, and most of it looks astoundingly similar. Very few bright patterns or bold prints; in fact, the brightest shirts in the closet are my racing T-shirts, all neatly stacked on a shelf and never, ever worn. Pants and shorts are all dark, shoes much the same (again, my running shoes are the brightest size eights in there).


I hate to shop for clothes. I think of “retail therapy” as one big four-letter word. I don’t get the attraction of flitting from store to store, gathering armloads of clothes, hauling them into a poorly lighted fitting room, trying them on and wondering, “How many other things could I be doing right now?” And don’t get me started on shoes. If shopping for clothes is no fun, shopping for shoes is the retail equivalent of a root canal performed by a used car salesman. Let’s just say my friends call me Bigfoot and move on.


As for that dresser drawer, it had some items in it that had not seen the light of day since I last decided to tidy it. I was impressed with some of what I found, and some of it definitely deserves to see the inside of a donation box. I’ll add this chore to my to-do list. After all, you should not need a miner’s helmet to find something to wear to work.






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2 responses to “Anthropology Dig In My Drawers

  1. Although I LOVE to shop, I have a method that doesn’t frazzle me. I go to a shopping plaza near me (I mean those groups of stores that are all together but not an indoor mall) that has a couple of stores I like. I go in 3 stores – AT THE MOST – usually just one or two. And I try on clothes for one hour max. I buy only stuff that goes together – one or two outfits – not stuff I will have to try to match later. And then to the makeup store or bookstore or both for some play time. DONE. Everything else I buy online.

  2. I hate to shop. I know my girlie genetics are screwed. I’d pay someone to do it for me, I admit it. I have no idea where it all went wrong. 😦

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