I Don’t Scream For Ice Cream – I Make It

Ice Cream Dessert

Ice Cream Dessert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dark chocolate malted milk ball ice cream.

Just the sound of it stops up the arteries, doesn’t it?

I made some this afternoon, but aside from tasting the custard in the pre-freeze stage and eating a bit off the spatula as I scraped it from the freezer container into the storage canister, I have yet to sit down with a bowl of it. That’s because I’m too full from a dinner of shrimp, lobster and pasta with butter, wine, lemon and cream.

Yeah, it’s not as if a dinner like that calls for a dessert like that. I need a stomach remedy and a twenty-four hour nap in between the two.

What is about ice cream that still calls out to the kid in us, long after we’re not kids anymore? Even the lactose intolerant among us have the good fortune to be able to find frozen treats these days, and while not exactly the dairy dreams of youth, they’re pretty good. Why is that we know we should be watching our weight, our calories, our sugar intake and our cholesterol levels, yet none of those numbers matter when it comes to a hard shell-dipped cone, a hot fudge-topped sundae or any of those pop concoctions on a stick? Is it because they bring back the bell tinkle of the ice cream truck, Mom’s eye-rolling acceptance when we begged for ice cream money, the heat waves on the summer streets and the recollection of days spent in the local ponds and pools, on the baseball fields, beaches and playgrounds? What came first, the ice cream or the “I remembers..?”

I do buy premium ice cream sometimes, but mostly, I make it, thanks to a pricey ice cream maker. No cranking or salt required. Just mix up the ingredients, put the freezer canister in the machine, pour in the mix and turn it on. Thirty minutes later, scoop out ice cream and chill it for an hour or so, and whatever decadent-flavor-desire-of-the-week I want, I have. It’s good, but it could be better, if only I could mix in a scoop or two of the past.



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2 responses to “I Don’t Scream For Ice Cream – I Make It

  1. An ice cream cone turns me into a great big kid. That’s one reason I like it so much.

    • nancymn

      I don’t do cones much, but when I do, I love those chocolate-dipped cones, or the ones with the sprinkles and the dip. It’s like candy on top of a cone on top of ice cream!

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