I’ve Fallen (But I Can Still Get Up)

swimming pool of Yuval

swimming pool of Yuval (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m at work with a heating pad. My tush is a tad touchy today, and not for the right reasons. I had a little accident early this morning. One of those slip-and-fall types.


I’m at the pool, getting in by using the steps. It’s the safest way to enter a swimming


pool, you would think. But thanks to recent rains, the water level was a deeper than normal, and I  had a misstep.


And there I am on my butt, legs up, wondering how these things happen.


Aside from the sore spot (and yes, I did miss my tailbone) and the obvious “Damn, that must have looked stupid,” I’m fine.


As many of you know, it’s not the accidents that are such an annoyance as you get older. It’s the fact that the healing time takes longer. When once the younger you would bounce right back up off the pavement, floor or turf, brush off the dirt and gravel and carry on, the older you lies there, prone and groaning and realizing that the only way to become vertical again is to roll over first, and then get up on all fours, preferably while holding onto something solid and unmoving.


Not a pretty picture, is it?


I’m doing the heat/ice alternating thing, and the NSAIDs will follow later tonight. After all, I have practice tomorrow, and a swim meet this weekend. This warrior needs to fix the wounds and move on.





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