How Do The Dust Bunnies Get THERE?

Week 12 - Dust Bunny Large Enough To Have a Name

Week 12 – Dust Bunny Large Enough To Have a Name (Photo credit: KimCarpenter NJ)

I had a little energy after dinner tonight, so I decided to run the vacuum and tidy up the place.

I found a couple of attack dust bunnies in the master bedroom closet. Here’s my question: how did they get in there?

I keep the closet door closed, my clothes (what few there are in comparison to The Husband’s extensive wardrobe choices) are clean and dust-free and last time I checked, I was wiping my feet on the doormat, and not dragging the outdoor bunnies indoors. So how did these gatherings of hairy and furry gray bits get into the closet?

I’ve read a few theories about dust bunny formation. Some say they sprout from crevices between the baseboard and the floor tiles, starting out as a hair and a bit of fabric softener paper, growing as they attract other bits of flotsam and jetsam. Others claim that dust bunnies are native to and always present in dark places, because they can grow in peace, unseen by either the old or the young. Those in middle age don’t have the vision required to spot the little buggers, rolling stealthily from the shoe rack to the laundry basket. And the young don’t care, unless there’s an app available to take care of them.

Anyway, I’ve taken care of this week’s crop of dirty critters. Somehow, I have a feeling there will always be more. I vote a Nobel Prize for the person who discovers their origin, and a means to eradicate them. It’s the least society can do.



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4 responses to “How Do The Dust Bunnies Get THERE?

  1. I heard a long time ago that most household dust is shed human skin. So maybe dust bunnies are dead people.

  2. Don’t you just love how they romp majestically, flittering through the rays of light, from room to room? And when they gather together, it’s like a mingling of the great buffalo herds of old and a sight to behold! Revel in the privilege of allowing them to grace your home!

    Yeah….I’m not buying it either. 😛

    • nancymn

      You make them sound almost cute. They are not cute. Beastly little things. I need the Cleaning Fairy to dispense with them!

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