Texas Bride Returns With A Baby On Board

A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year, I wrote about a fellow blogger, “K,” whose brother got married during a Texas summer.  “The No-Plan Wedding,” got quite a bit of attention. Bottom line: everyone survived the heat, the drama, the food and the bride’s antics.

Guess what? She’s baaaaaaack. The bride, that is. And she’s pregnant and pissed about the fact that the extended family isn’t paying as much attention to her as she thinks she due.

Thirty two years old, not in school and not working (too stressful for her, despite the fact that millions of pregnant women manage to do either or both and survive), she’s queening it to the extreme by declaring the date of her baby shower must be on a certain Saturday in July. Her “official” reason for choosing that date: her mother will be in town. Fact: her mother will be in town for two months, not a week or two. Her real reason for insisting on that Saturday: a long-ago arranged family camping trip is the same weekend. She thinks the trip, arranged by her husband’s side of the family, was done on purpose to spoil her big day. Fact: it was actually planned before she chose the date; this family boasts no mind readers.  She also wants the shower to be co-ed. Fact: I may be a little old-fashioned, but I think most men would rather do household chores than attend a baby shower.

Attempts were made to accommodate The Madonna Mama. Nothing worked. She does not like camping, the date chosen does not fit her schedule (she’s not working or going to school, so what schedule?). Basically, if family plans don’t agree with her, they must exclude her on purpose and everyone is just mean to her. Combining the shower at the campground would have been an option, of course, but Mrs.-Awesome-Bun-In-My-Oven has insisted this isn’t possible. She will make no concessions to her husband’s family; they should be all in for her.

My friend “K” happens to be the baby shower planner. Of course, she was also the wedding planner/rustler. And she’s more than a little rightfully peeved at this point. She loves her only brother, but she did warn him at the time of the wedding, his BtB (Bride-to-Be) was a lot like their mother, for all the wrong reasons. The wedding was a cluster%$*! jammed into a train wreck, and although everything got done, everyone survived and even had a good time, it was a sign of things to come. And as the family voice of reason and logic, she’s looking for a solution. The baby shower can certainly take place, but not with the fifty-plus guests the mother-to-be thinks she deserves in attendance.

Most of us have someone in our family who’s just a tad self-absorbed, just slightly “Me Monster”-ish in their behavior. What do you do with family/friends like this? Tell them to shove off? Nod and smile and ignore them? Give into their attitude, hoping it’s the last time?


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