Beef Jerky Plus Bathing Suit Equals Bucket List?

Reepjes beef jerky afbeelding eigendom van eig...

Reepjes beef jerky afbeelding eigendom van eigen bedrijfje (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The very talented Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications makes a life’s work and a continuous habit of traveling around the world and telling us regular mortals all about it. She’s doing a creative and fearless job taking readers everywhere, introducing attractions big and small and explaining why we should go to these places.

On the other hand, we have these two conniving cuties, Andrea Mobley and Denise Morrow, with a totally different kind of bucket list. Theirs involved “stealing from a retail store,” among other things. The duo was arrested this week at a central Florida Wal-Mart. Their hoard consisted of bathing suits and beef jerky. The pair have been friends for thirty years, and just recently reconnected. Swimming was on their list of best-buddy things to do together, but they lacked the proper attire. Apparently, they also lacked the proper post-workout snack. So, off to the store and the proverbial kill-two-birds-with-one-stone deal. They were caught, booked and as of this posting, one of them had made the $250 bond and been released.

Of course, all this begs the question: would any of you put this kind of heist on your personal bucket list? And if theft was in fact on your list, what would you consider taking, given that it could be your last voluntary act as a free person? I’m not a Wal-Mart shopper, but even I know the shelves have to contain items more interesting and useful to stuff down your pants, rather than a package of Slim Jims© and a Speedo©.

A bucket list is often associated with things we want to do before we die. It’s sad that anyone would wait until death was known to be imminent before coming up with such a list. A bucket list should be a lifelong accomplishment, written while one is still young, rewritten as goals are met and new plans are made. The list of experiences on it will be as individual as the individual who compiles it, of course. But for goodness sake, leave retail theft out of the bucket, please! The backseat stench of a patrol car, a trip to the local jail and the feel of hands cuffed behind your back don’t belong on anyone’s lifetime to-do list.


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