Treasure and Trash in The Home Office Closet

Wall Closet

Wall Closet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally got around to clearing out the home office closet. What a nightmare. It looked like a junk drawer on steroids.

The Husband and I both use the home office. I use it for actual work, like writing my blogs, freelance writing, research and storage of necessary books, magazine articles and research paperwork. He uses it for playing on the computer.  But I’m the (mostly) responsible party when it comes to tossing, stuffing and placing items in the closet. My cake decorating class paraphernalia, catering equipment, luggage, two sets of dishes, baking pans, wrapping paper, winter jackets, serving platters, large canvas tote bags and anything else that would fit.  Nothing was too oddly shaped, too large or too useless to put in there. The result was a precariously packed pile that needed paring down.

Pulling everything out was only half the problem. Then there’s the sorting and trashing, along with the inevitable wondering, “Why the heck do I still have that?” and “Wait…there was a reason I actually paid money for this?” Ninety minutes a few trash bags, one trip to the recycling bin and some NSAIDs later, the closet was not necessarily a thing of beauty or a joy to behold, but at least you could see the inside walls, ceiling and floor.

There’s always a sense of accomplishment when a messy situation is tidied, whether it’s a closet, a job or a relationship. Many of us find living with loose ends gives us a sense of tension, a feeling of disharmony, of something being incomplete. Cleaning up and clearing out is a wonderful way to give the mind repose, even if it does make the muscles ache for a while.

Oh, and I got a bonus when I cleaned that closet. I found two gift cards for a well-known sporting goods store. I checked, and they were still good. Of course I used them; I bought a pair of purple running shorts. A winning color, don’t you think?


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