Miles and Meters Deserve Pizza (Plus A Burger And Shrimp)

OK, fine, so I was hungry. Beat me for being a bad person. But I’ll warn you: it was a long, hard day, and I deserved every bite.

I decided to run a race in another county this morning – a five-miler in a town just over an hour away. We don’t get much in the way of distance races at this time of year, and the season is winding down anyway. A five-miler sounded like a good idea, or at least it did at the time I registered. As if that wasn’t enough, I’d go swim at a nearby pool after the race while I waited to meet a friend for lunch.

It was hotter than the Devil’s hometown during a heat wave this morning. No clouds and no breeze. The run did have a decent amount of shade, and water every mile, but eighty degrees at the start does not tend to get better as the morning goes on. My finish would have been awesome, if I’d had the sense to sign up for the 5K version of  the race. But why have any sense?

After finishing this event, I headed to the local pool for an hour of long-course swimming in a nicely chilled pool.


English: PIZZA BURGER (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then showered and tidy and gear stowed in my car, I walked a few blocks along the beach to lunch. By the time I arrived at the restaurant, hunger only slightly tamed by a small pre-race bowl of oatmeal and a few post-race sips of a protein shake,  I was ready to chew on the menu.

My friend was a bit late, so I tried the old “I’ll sip on a drink while I wait” trick. Unfortunately, I cannot fool brain and stomach, especially while sitting on one of those high-top seats. Famished and her BFF Dizzy tend to show up and deliver a punch when I am at my most unbalanced, which I am on those chairs. So I ordered coconut shrimp, a dangerous dish tempered  by the fact that there were just eight of them. I inhaled the shrimp and picked every bit of coconut off the shells.

Friend arrives, and I order a burger and fries. I did show some restraint by leaving most of the bun and the fries, but that was called for after the appetizer plus four iced teas. This evening’s meal was two slices of homemade pizza (sausage plus three cheeses). Again, I displayed some  discipline in leaving over some cheese and crust. But I still consumed enough calories to fill one-and-a-half of me.

Every now and then, it’s good to literally feed the beast. We spend a lot of time on diets, exercising and trying to look the way society thinks we should. Our friends and families say they want us just the way we are, but we keep working on and working out anyway, chasing the ideal. I espouse the idea of the “90-10” rule: 90% of the time, treat your body like a temple, with love and kindness and reverence. Ten percent of the time, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.


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