Boston Won’t Forget Or Forgive, And You Will Be Found

If you watched today’s Boston Marathon, you already know how it ended. With the worst kind of bang imaginable.

Two explosions, one on each side of the street near the finish line, killed two people and injured two dozen more.

2011 Boston Marathon finishing line pavillion ...

2011 Boston Marathon finishing line pavillion on Boylston Street. Looking west; runners would be coming from the east. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It appears to be a planned attack, not the fault of a natural gas line or other accidental mishap.

Whoever you are, you sorry bastards, you did far more than ruin the oldest marathon, or steal the pain and joy finishers hope for when they cross the line.

You killed and maimed people and forever left a horrific mark on a city that no doubt did you no wrong, and will never understand why you chose them and one of their most hallowed sports venues to vent your rage, prove your power and show the world that you could leave a mark someplace.

You did just that, you coward(s). There is blood on the streets, people missing limbs and a large section of the city where no one can enter or leave under police lockdown.

Worse, you make people afraid yet again to be in public places and open spaces

. But runners – and people in general – are resilient, and we don’t back away from danger, nor do we back down from a challenge.

It may be a challenge to find you, you antisocial, inhuman, conscience-deprived, soulless wreck. But you won’t hide forever. And we won’t be afraid forever. That would be giving you the very power you crave. You’re not getting that. But the authorities will get you.



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