Break A Race Record, Get A Trophy…I’ll Drink To That

Half marathon

Half marathon (Photo credit: bostjan_rudolf)


I’m consuming a (non-alcoholic) libation, number thus far unknown. All I know is, it was hot out there today.


Not the best day to run a 5K. And certainly not the best day to set a personal best. But I did it, and beat the old mark by 21 seconds.


Oh, and no mere medal at the end, either. I took third place in the Grand Masters (50 and over) category. So this time, it was a trophy.


I have no Academy to thank, but I would like to thank The Husband for putting up with the sound of the alarm clock at #!*% -what-time-is-it o’clock. He’s retired, and not running, swimming or biking. Alarm clocks are now foreign to his world. And my dear friend Steve, who is training for a half-marathon. He’s the one who got me onto a stricter running program (not more running, just smarter running) and using a protein powder for recover. Six weeks of change made all the difference. It was smoother, less stressful event and the powder helps ease the muscle pain.


I’m happy with the way it went today.



I still had enough energy left to fix breakfast, weed the yard and do a load of laundry. I’ve got two more 5Ks for the season, then a racing break over the summer. I’ll drink to a good result, and look forward to getting the time down a tick more before the final event in May.




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2 responses to “Break A Race Record, Get A Trophy…I’ll Drink To That

  1. Gramma

    Hmmmm…might that protein powder help the exhaustion that comes from just reading about it? Are there medals and/or trophies for walking? I can walk.

    • nancymn

      Some races do offer medals/trophies for walking. Some offer medals for all finishers. And yes, that protein powder is magic stuff. 🙂

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