Who Do I Look Like, Your Mother?

While working on both personal and professional projects lately, I’ve been running into a spate of “Why didn’t you remind me?” whines.

The plaintive pleas for a kick in the collective memory are coming from adults, grown folks, not-so-young ‘uns. Big people with the ability to use anything from a paper calendar to their desktop’s Outlook to whatever app they download for their smarter-than-the-user phone.

My question for all of them is this: when the heck did I turn into your mama? Was it when you forgot how to crayon in a time and place on the cute puppies calendar hanging in your kitchen? Or when you decided to ignore the digital appointment function on whichever software your computer happens to use? Oh, wait, never mind. It’s apparently app failure: you have one that functions as a calendar, but IT’S KINDA USELESS IF YOU DON’T USE IT. And when I advise you of something twice, once in writing and once by phone, is that not enough information for you?

Tamil Pulp Fiction

Tamil Pulp Fiction (Photo credit: Unlisted Sightings)

And in some cases, my “failure” t0 remind these (mostly) college-educated, (supposedly) intelligent, but self-pitying slugs has resulted in actual financial loss for some of them. Good on that, I say. Next time, you’ll remember the sting in your wallet and get that issue taken care of, right?

I know those of you with kids will recognize this soapbox rant, since you are constantly faced with remembering where your little ones need to be, when they need to be there and what they need to bring with them. And the fuss that results when you, Heaven forbid, “make” them miss something because they’ve dawdled their way to inevitable tardiness. Not much different from the adults I’ve been dealing with, except I cannot put mine in a time-out and take away their Xbox for a week.

Maybe I can find another punishment. Anyone think some duct tape on their foreheads and a felt-tipped message that reads, “I can’t remember squat and it’s all MY fault” would work?


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