Update On The Half-Marathon Half-wits

Half marathon

Half marathon (Photo credit: bostjan_rudolf)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about lunacy known as the half-marathon, and the fact that my friend and I decided to take on the distance. We’re still nuts, we know.

I’m reporting back. He’s doing well. His diet has improved, and his running is good. He’s up to almost seven miles, though it’s a mix of walking and running. That’s still a long way from where he was two months ago. I’ve been plugging along, adding steadily, still swimming along with the running. As I type this, I’m fighting fatigue brought on by a two-day swim meet, which included a one-mile swim. That’s sixty-seven laps in a 25-yard pool. Yes, it did seem endless, especially at the halfway point. And it was made worse by the fact that I could smell bacon from a nearby restaurant. Nothing worse when you’re in the middle of competition, getting towards the low fuel point, than smelling bacon. It’s enough to make even vegetarians go wobbly at the knees.

My friend’s enthusiasm and dedication remain steady and strong. I have vowed to support him and help in any way. In a month or so, he says he will try his first 5K race. I’ll do it with him, no matter where it is. This is what friends do for one another when friends believe in each other.

I gave myself a bit of an absurd boost last week by buying nice running clothes. Yes, I really did. The person who thinks clothes shopping is akin to root canal or sitting through a lecture on automotive gear ratios. I thought it was time to invest in good-looking apparel; it might even help my running.

So I buy, and of course, we hit a cold spell. As in too cold for cute T-shirts and sweet little shorts. Back to the fugly sweat shirts, gloves and tights for a while . As is the case with running and swimming, timing is everything when it comes to retail.


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