I Wear A Wristwatch; I’m A Dinosaur

Watched items

Watched items (Photo credit: practicalowl)

I am actually a double dinosaur: I have two watches. One “dress” watch and one “sports” watch.

Both were gifts from The Husband, and both are well over fifteen years old. Neither is worth much in terms of cash.

But you never would have known that had you seen me dashing around the mall today, trying to find a battery for one and a watchband for the other. It looked like I was in hot pursuit of the world’s last iPhone5, and I was racing the electronic zombie apocalypse for it.

The sports watch is a Timex© Marathon, a simple black plastic, digital watch that tells time and date and offers a few other settings, like lap time setting and military time setting. The face lights up only if you hold down a button. There’s no heart monitor, it’s only water-resistant and it cannot provide phases of the moon or the time in Tel Aviv. The “dress” watch is a Fossil©; the band’s gold luster is fading and the face is scratched a bit. It has a sweep second-hand. No digital, no jewels, no chronograph. It just tells time.

In a way, both watches are like my cellphone. OK, my cellphone has a date and time readout. And it stores phone numbers and messages. It can ring or buzz at sound levels ranging from soft to stupid loud. But no photos, no texting and no emailing on my phone. I never saw the point, because I can communicate and take pictures by other means. I also hate the idea of being chained at the ear, eye and fingertips to a digital device that for so many other people has become so important, they will ignore obvious obstacles like open manholes, bodies of water and the need to concentrate when driving their car.

The mall trip took about an hour, and cost around $30 for the watch battery and band. Order is now restored to my world – and my left wrist.



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2 responses to “I Wear A Wristwatch; I’m A Dinosaur

  1. cheesy

    If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have one, but I really want one, I just haven’t found one I really like. Unbeknownst to me, years ago my ex pawned the one I inherited from my grandmother, and I haven’t worn one since. I like simple jewelry if I ever remember to put it on, and the ones I see are much fancier than I want, I don’t like a pleather band, and I don’t want a bangle watch, my wrists are just too thin for them, and they get annoying. I guess I will just keep looking…

    • nancymn

      I sincerely hope your ex winds up in Hell’s little pawnshop for doing that. Grrrrr. I’ve never actually bought myself a watch; they’ve always been gifts. Not sure why that’s so.

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