Marijuana, Yes, But No Twinkies? Why, Why, Why?

Twinkies (Hostess Twinkies is a trademark of I...

Twinkies (Hostess Twinkies is a trademark of Interstate Bakeries Corporation). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The votes are in (though in some places, like my home state, they are being contested) and the verdict is: two more states legalized medical marijuana (Colorado and Washington).

Given that momentous, if not universally welcome news, imagine this: a world without Twinkies. Or Wonder Bread.

Damn. It’s bad enough that Superstorm Sandy took out the Jersey Shore. Now the striking members of Hostess’ baker’s union want another piece of my childhood?

But that’s how it looks as of this morning. Hostess says they cannot afford a protracted strike, so they will close plants, lay off 18,500 employees and sell their product line.

As if growing older didn’t already have its rough side, like taking longer to heal from injuries and illness, grieving over losing loved ones, watching friends and neighbors lose their jobs and homes to foreclosure and job issues, the Hostess folks have to throw this wrench into the monkey bars.

For the record, I was never a fan of Twinkies, though The Husband likes them. The filling tastes artificially sweet and the cake has the consistency of a dish sponge. But Hostess made other things I liked. I admit to eating more than my share of bologna on Wonder Bread. As for the sweets, there were Ho-Hos, Ring Dings, Devil Dogs (my mother’s favorite) and the best of the best, Funny Bones (chocolate cakes with peanut butter cream inside). My mother used to split the Devil Dogs apart, the way people split Oreos, and eat the plain cake side, then the cream-slathered side. I can still picture her, sitting at the kitchen table in our first house, me on one end of the table and her on the other. It was a small kitchen with ugly wallpaper and no counter space, but right now, the memories fill it to the point of tears.

I just checked to see what was going on with the Hostess website. It’s offline. All I get is an error message.

Note to Hostess: you have no idea how sadly appropriate that is.






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2 responses to “Marijuana, Yes, But No Twinkies? Why, Why, Why?

  1. Hysterically ironic. You NEED a twinkie after some good weed. (and when I was a kid, I loved the way the devil dog stuck to the roof of my mouth).

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