It Hurts When Your Bike Hits A Curb

A bicycle symbol adjacent to a curb extension ...

A bicycle symbol adjacent to a curb extension (likely located in British Columbia, Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re a believer in the obvious, then the headline above pretty much says it all. I had an accident this week. It was dumb and ugly.

The good news: despite significant soreness and bruises, nothing is broken. And getting out of bed does not require a derrick.

The bad news: I’m hurt; pain’s about a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale, and the bike is not in good shape right now.

Frankly, I deserved more injury than I received, given that I

a) did not have to ride that day, and probably should have listened to the little voice in my head telling me that rest is not a four-letter word;

b) knew weather conditions were not optimal – strong winds had persisted for days; and

c) totally misjudged the curb, failed to get my foot out of the stirrup fast enough and wound up butt-side down wearing my bike wrapped around my body, but I feel pretty lucky.

For one thing, it was early enough that no one saw my inglorious drop from upright to sprawled position. It’s nice when a witness stops to assist, but it’s not how I want a stranger to remember me. And there are no broken bones, big gashes or bike gear that need replacing. The bike itself probably is not worth the repairs, but I was planning on buying a new one to replace this fifteen-year-old model anyway. Ironically, my current bike is a replacement for one that was wrecked in another accident years ago. That incident involved the stupidity of an inattentive driver who sideswiped me, resulting in major road rash and a bike bent at odd angles, but fortunately nothing more.

You may wonder why I continued to ride after that first incident. I love it, plain and simple. Love the exercise, love the freedom, love the mechanics of riding. Oh, and it used to give the pharmacy techs at my old drugstore a giggle when I cycled into the drive-through lane to pick up prescriptions. I don’t fear the risks as much as I look forward to the rewards. And I like a challenge, whether it comes on two wheels, a swimmer’s starting block or the start/finish line of a ten kilometer race.

I got a late start on the athletic life. I don’t blame anyone or anything in the past for that. I’m just trying to catch up too fast, I guess. But note to self: apply the brakes every now and then. There’s no shame in working the slow(er) lane sometimes.



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2 responses to “It Hurts When Your Bike Hits A Curb

    • nancymn

      It’s gotten a little worse since, but it will get better. Poor old bike is going to be donated to a local guy who fixes them up and donates them to kids who don’t have a bike. A fitting end for it, I suppose.

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