Stress Relief And My Version Of “I” Candy


baby….RUTH! (Photo credit: Rakka)

How stressed do you have to be to think a Baby Ruth Bar is a good idea at 9:30 am? I am, and this morning Baby looked fine to me.

As if the fact that it’s Election Day isn’t enough, I have a swim meet, two freelance assignments and a 5K this week as well. Still no word from my brother as to what he plans to do for the holidays (am I cooking for ten or for two?) and there’s the aggravation of the dumb-as-a-rock coworker who thinks it’s just fine to come to work sick. By the way, she thought my pissy state of mind at her arrival was quite amusing.

As if I would laugh at the sound of her coughing and hacking up phlegm. Frankly, she sounded like a cat with asthma and a hairball the size of Houston lodged down there.

I did not ask her to go home. I told her I was leaving if she didn’t. I have things to do this week that I’ve paid for, and there’s no way I’ll miss them. I’d never give her the satisfaction. And I’m learning that no one will stand up for me and how hard I work to keep myself healthy, unless I do it.

Folks, no one is immune to illness. I spent most of January chasing a bacterial infection from nose and throat to jaw and eyes before I finally dispensed with it. It fought back, courtesy of a drug reaction (turns out I’m allergic to the prescribed Z-pack), but I prevailed. I hate giving in to anything that makes me look weak, sick or otherwise vulnerable in the eyes of the universe. But sometimes, contrary to those TV commercials that promise you’ll be powering through with just one OTC dose and a good night’s sleep, it just isn’t the case.

When sick happens, just stop. Go home, go away, go hide somewhere. The world will continue to spin on its axis without you. Modern technology will at least let you answer emails from home, if you really feel that desperate or dedicated. The rest of us will get our flu shots, drink our OJ, wash our hand and keep the heck away from you.

Oh, and that Baby Ruth? It was a mini-sized one, and I drank a pink lemonade Emergen-C 1000 as a chaser. Not a bad combo. During cold and flu season, it could even be my new breakfast of champions. I’m not sick, mind you, just taking post-exposure precautions. I’ve heard good things about the antioxidants in chocolate.

Note to my readers: Sadness Day is still on track for Saturday. The plan is to take a beach chair, drinks, snacks, a notepad, pens and a few things to remember Mom (and Dad) by and just sit, write, cry and have a talk with the folks. I miss them both.


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