If Only My Cats Understood The End of DST

Blue alarm clock

Blue alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In most of the United States, we turned the clocks back one hour this morning. OK, most of us took care of it Saturday night.

Some places in this country don’t bother to follow the tick of the Daylight Savings Time clock. They just let their watches be.

I find the whole twice-a-year change annoying at this point. Decades ago, in a mostly agrarian society, it served the purpose of providing farmers with more daylight during the growing season, when they needed it the most. And not to put down any farmer (hey, I like to eat, too), but modern methods of agriculture plus food imports have probably all but eliminated the need to keep fiddling with Father Time.

And my cats hate the time change. They demand to be fed when they deem their bellies to be empty. The position of the big and the little hand or the digital readout on the buzzing bedside annoyance (AKA alarm clock) has no meaning to them, despite my attempts to teach them that as far as their human feeding machine is concerned, the hour of the day is indeed relevant to my mental well-being. To the felines in our household, an empty bowl at any hour is a sign of neglect. To put kibble in the bowl means doesn’t mean I love them; it just means I am doing my job as their slave.

This morning’s wake-up call came at about 4 a.m., a full hour earlier than the normal bed-thud leap onto the mattress, followed by  their cold, wet noses on my left eyeball, followed by either an insistent push on my left elbow or a sharp nibble on my right big toe. It never ceases to amaze me how coordinated these two are when it comes to a predawn plan of attack. Only Seal Team 6 was this good, maybe.

Of course I got up and fed them. I’m well-trained, after all. Then went out on a bike ride. It was a beautiful morning to get going and get things done. And after all, I do have an extra hour to use up.


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