A Hurricane For My Anniversary. Gee, Thanks

Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore (Photo credit: BSC Photography)

There’s a Category 2 hurricane out in the Atlantic named Sandy, churning a crooked path northward as we speak.

It’s almost Halloween, a month away from the end of hurricane season, and yes, it’s my twentieth wedding anniversary.

Who would have thought all of these events would conspire to occur right now? Life is odd place to live.

I’ve never figured out a lot of things, like why anyone would put up living under the same roof with me for twenty years. Given the choice, I’d separate my good and evil sides and have them live in separate countries.

I don’t understand why hurricanes “know” to strike between June 1 and Nov. 30 (although we have had a wacky year or two when they’ve occurred outside those dates) and who decided those dates were the ones to pick.

I really like Halloween, but I don’t understand what the cut-off age is for when you can no longer go out trick or treating. Who’s the poohbah-in-charge who determines when you’re too old to waltz up to a front door, knock and politely hold out your pillowcase for candy (and hope and pray it’s the “good stuff.” And every one of you knows what the “good stuff” is. It’s the stuff you won’t share with anyone else.)

It’s been raining most of the day, and it will keep raining through most of tomorrow. And it’s supposed to get worse before it gets better, weather-wise. I know this because The Weather Channel‘s Jim Cantore is here. It’s never good when Jim Cantore is in your neighborhood. It usually means that storm-relating things are thundering, blowing or pouring from the sky and there will be impact of a less than positive kind. He looks very strong and reassuring in his blue waterproof duds, hat and muscles. It’s nothing personal, but I wish he would move up the coast a bit (Baltimore, perhaps) and take the storm with him.

One more day of bad weather and then comes cooler fall weather – and a small attack on the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup stash in the fridge. Hey, don’t worry – it’s the good stuff.



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2 responses to “A Hurricane For My Anniversary. Gee, Thanks

  1. I would hate to see Jim in my neck of the woods too! Maybe he could go someplace where they need the rain.

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