It’s Hot, But Not As Bad As…Just About Anywhere Else

Fort Worth Heat Index

Fort Worth Heat Index (Photo credit: 19melissa68)

South Florida gets hot. And it gets humid. And at the moment, we are smack in the middle of some of the worst of both.

The sun feels like a disco ball with every mirror on fire. And if you stand outside awhile, you get soaked without a rain cloud in sight.

That said, my town is not having it as bad weather-wise as a lot of other places. My niece played in a softball tournament today. It was 109 degrees, with the heat index, in the Baltimore area. And there are still parts of West Virginia without electricity, courtesy of last week’s little calamity known as a derecho, a weather phenomenon that did damage from the Midwest to the District of Columbia. And my hometown of New York City greatly lacks a convenience we have and cannot imagine doing without: central air conditioning.

Each year, we have people known as “snowbirds,” folks who live here part of the year and elsewhere during the remainder, usually in a colder northern state or Canada. They drive slowly and erratically on our roads, crowd our restaurants and tell us how things are done “up north” when they get annoyed with how things are done here.

We like them because they add to the tax base and support the local economy. And personally, I enjoy the fact that their presence over the years has probably added much to the culinary mix of area restaurants.

But now, you have to wonder what they were thinking when they rolled their cars onto the carriers, packed their stuff, locked up their condos and took off. Because it’s hotter and more miserable where they are than where we are. They have to pack water every time they leave the house and even sitting in the shade hurts when the heat index hits 105 degrees or more. Oh, and there are more damaging thunderstorms headed their way, according to tonight’s national news.

All I can say is duck and cover, snowbirds. And we’ll probably see you soon(er).


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One response to “It’s Hot, But Not As Bad As…Just About Anywhere Else

  1. MissRigby

    I think the weather last winter and now are indications of things to come. Maybe Floridians will go Up North in winter and Yankees wil go South in summer instead!

    My Daddy used to say there were Yankees and Damned Yankees. Garden variety Yankees went South to visit; Damned Yankees went South to stay:)

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