A First Mother’s Day – Without Mom

Dear Mom,

We miss you. A lot.

OK, the teary part is out of the way. Now for the news.

While it’s been no fun dealing with the banks, medical providers, etc., it hasn’t been too bad. You were a really good record keeper, even if it was all on paper. I wish you had been a little computer-savvy, but I cannot complain about your record-savvy. You kept what needed to be kept, for sure. Tax time went well (you got a small refund), and the bills are paid. There’s still money left, and we are playing nice and sharing, they way you would want it.

Your kitty is doing fine. The Husband installed a window canopy for her, and she is enjoying a sight she never got to see from your apartment: the flittering and scampering of lizards. In fact, kitty tried to climb the patio screen last night, in an effort to catch a lizard. The fact that kitty is a bit of a heavyweight, and is in no way built for screen-scaling, does not seem to be an issue for her. She has pretty much established herself as queen of the house, and let the other two cats know it. Not much hissing or spitting at this point. She just sits and gives you that look that says, “You know I’m the best-looking cat, right?”

Your grandkids are fine. It’s hard to believe that your youngest son will have a high-schooler this fall, isn’t it? All the kids are doing their thing, whether it’s sports or science clubs. I don’t know how my brothers and their wives get it all done every day. Does it surprise you that they boys turned out to be good dads? When they were kids, I always thought they could both be headed for reform school at some point. Shows you what I know.

The Husband and I are OK. Mother-in-law wishes she had seen you one last time, but her own cancer surgery got in the way. Then came her stroke, with a back injury to boot. She’s all recovered now. She sent me a birthday card, which was nice of her, even if it did remind me of how much I missed yours. You always were the first one to send a card for any occasion.

I can’t send a card to heaven, but I can send best thoughts and wishes to you, and to all the moms who are missed. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.



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4 responses to “A First Mother’s Day – Without Mom

  1. First for me, too. Condolences.

  2. cheesy

    My heart is with you this weekend Nancy, and your heart will be with your mom! ❤

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