A Good Bathroom Is Worth A Good Read

Everything necessary in a bathroom.

You have reading material stashed by the commode.

Magazines rolled up in the towel rack.

Newspapers nestled between the sink and shower.

A favorite book balanced on the edge of the bathtub.

Go ahead, admit it. You read on the throne. Oh, you’ll claim it’s something you do during a long hot soak in the tub. But if you have a house, kids, job, pets and all the details that come with the standard loony life, you haven’t done the long, hot soak in so long, you can’t even find the bathtub plug.

It’s a waste of time to just sit there, of course. You could be doing a bazillion other things, from sorting laundry to sorting out the kids’ fight to solving world hunger. So why go into a closet-sized space, lined with tile and accessorize with porcelain, for peace, quiet and enlightenment?

Well, for one thing, it’s relatively private. You can close the door and (usually) expect some modicum of privacy, given how most people feel about other people’s bathroom habits. And you can actually hide reading material in there, should you not have a handy-dandy basket. Under the sink with the cleaning supplies is a good spot. After all, who else but you is going to tackle scrubbing the shower or scouring the sink? No one else is going to look amongst the powders, soaps and scum removers. As far as your family is concerned, that stuff is marked with a skull and crossbones symbol for a reason: it’s bad for THEM to touch it.

My personal reading material consists mostly of food-related books, as you can see from the photo. I also keep swimming, cycling and running magazines in the basket. Makes perfect sense to me. It’s a full-cycle kind of thing. Sustenance in, learn about exercise sufficient to burn the calories consumed, and waste eliminated. Maybe I should consider adding a small fridge, stove and exercise bike to the bathroom. Then I’d never have reason to leave.



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2 responses to “A Good Bathroom Is Worth A Good Read

  1. Great spot for perusing fashion catalogs….

    • nancymn

      Fashion? Me? I am so not fashion! Although, now that you mention it, maybe that makes my clothing choices very bathroom-appropriate!

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