Light’s Out, and The Kitchen is Broken

The Husband doesn’t get it.

We had a problem with the main light fixture in our kitchen. It stopped working. He thinks because there are other lights in there (the one over the stove, the one over the counter and the in-cabinet spotlights), that should be enough. Plus he can drag a lamp or two in from another room “temporarily.”

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I gave him a very generous (in my mind) two days to figure out how to fix it. Not done? Then I get an electrician, no matter the cost. It’s called fair trade for peace of mind.

Now, the men reading this will think I have lost what’s left of my marbles. There’s other light in the room, and the availability of temporary fixtures. Why not just live with it for a few days/weeks/months until The Husband figures out the (cheap) solution using paper clips and duct tape? What do you need to see in there that you don’t already know about? You open the fridge door, and there is a light. You open the oven door, the microwave door, and there is light. OK, so the dishwasher doesn’t light up. Heck, that’s what paper plates and cups and plastic cutlery is for. Toby Keith recently released a song, Red Solo Cup, that’s meant for times like this.

Women, however, understand the lack of working parts in a room they use constantly. Women know that if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you need to have things operating at peak performance. Ice maker has to make ice, fridge has to keep things cold, dishwasher has to make things clean, oven has to get food hot. And all these things have to happen all at once more than once a day. Same for the bathroom. Commode’s got to flush, shower has to spray correctly, makeup mirror has to light up. Makes sense, right? Guys, put this into automotive perspective: if your car’s windshield wipers and radio work to perfection, would you be satisfied with that if the engine was making a noise like a cat gagging on a hairball?

Ending the stress and repairing the problem meant getting a very nice electrician to come out (same day I called, but he was recommended by a neighbor whose name I used in vain), and paying him over $200. Was it worth it? Of course. I prepare 18 to 21 meals a week in there, not to mention countless snacks, feed three cats (four if you count the neighborhood stray) and create treats and sweets for other people, including charitable fundraisers. It’s not just a kitchen, after all. It’s a place where I de-stress and feed soul as well as body. To me, it’s a spa with stainless steel appliances.




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6 responses to “Light’s Out, and The Kitchen is Broken

  1. You missed your chance. The correct strategy is to state, without undue emphasis,”Well, it’s tuna sandwiches for a while, or we eat out.”

    If that doesn’t work immediately you can follow with, “I see that Costco has the 24-pack of 12-oz. cans of tuna on sale this week.”

    Works around here.

  2. My husband can fix anything… if I can wait long enough.

    • nancymn

      LMAO! 🙂 Mine too, but the question is: how old do I want to get before that happens, and must I wait until he’s tired of doing everything else first??

  3. cheesy

    LOL! Oh my GOSH! Just before Thanksgiving, I finally got a light fixture over my kitchen sink! I have been in this house almost 12 years, and it had been promised to me for so long! We had to do a swag style pendant, because the sink is at an outside wall and the ceiling in that area is vaulted. There is no way wiring and a box was ever going to fit from the attic. I LOVE my light, and I will never live in a house again without good light!

    • nancymn

      Oh, I did not even want to go into lighting directions, and why the lamps on the fixture have to face a certain angle. Bad enough just getting it fixed. I’ll wait until he’s out of the house for a few hours, then climb up and make adjustments. Waaaaaay easier than asking.

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