Party-Pooped,or Why We’re Home for New Years 2012

If ever there was a pair of  no-party animals, it would be The Husband and me.

It’s not that we’re antisocial. We see friends on a regular basis, and relatives when the need arises or the event calls for our presence. We can converse sensibly, chew with our mouths closed and generally behave like civilized creatures when an invitation to socialize hits our mailbox.

But we’re not the textbook definition of “party people.” Neither of us has the  flashy wardrobe (though The Husband has far more of the closet filled with his clothes than I do), the cash (good food and better booze isn’t cheap, especially when you dine and drink out) and frankly, the time and stamina necessary to maintain a long-term relationship with the woo-hoo side of life. I work two jobs, and work out every day. The Husband is retired, but I keep him on a reasonable leash via a steady honey-do list, plus there’s all that work to do maintaining his cars, the yard, and watching NASCAR nine months a year.

So, no time, no money, and the wrong attitude when it comes to celebrating the new year. But I don’t think we’re alone on the stay-at-home thing tonight. I asked among my friends, and found out that very few are going out tonight, and those who are won’t venture far from home. Many will go out for an early dinner, or to family or the neighbors for dinner or drinks, and actually head home before midnight – on purpose. When I asked them why, their answers were all quite similar. Of course, they said they wanted to be off the streets, out of the path of drunk drivers, gun-toting tipplers and folks with live fireworks in one hand and firewater in the other. But they also wanted to be peaceful tonight. They wanted to hear the sounds within their own walls;  the voices of their families, or the sound of good music, a bit of television, or conversation with a good friend or two. The party hats, noisemakers and all-night beer-and-buffet doesn’t have much attraction. Maybe it’s a been-there-done-that issue. Or perhaps because it’s been such a tough year financially for so many people, an elaborate celebration simply isn’t possible, or doesn’t seem appropriate.

But if it’s your thing, don’t let anyone stop you from heading out to party, whether it’s to Times Square or your small town’s main square. Just be safe out there. I’d like to have you back here and reading and commenting in 2012.



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4 responses to “Party-Pooped,or Why We’re Home for New Years 2012

  1. wherethedaytakesme

    Have a peaceful and enjoyable new year

  2. nancymn

    Thanks…..minus the local fireworks, it should be. Same for you and yours!

  3. sweetopiagirl

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  4. My husband and I are also homebodies. We are just happier in our own den than anywhere else. So why not usher in the new year in the place you love the most?

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