Kitty’s Sick, The World Stops…And That Costs How Much?

The hubby and I have spent $1,400 at the vet for one of our cats. So far.

Believe me when I tell you, I would never willingly spend that much on myself at the doctor.

Kitty was in obvious distress yesterday; we thought it was nothing more than a major-league hairball she could not eject. But when she was clearly showing other signs of physical struggle, hubby got the cat carrier and Kitty got stuffed into it for a ride. And I do mean “stuffed.” She’s a bit of a tubby feline, though I have to say she can run and jump very well, given that she’s ten years old and leads something of a charmed and lazy life.

Vet Dr. Brian took her in for tests right away, discovered a lower intestinal fecal blockage (that’s constipation in simple terms), changed her food and gave her a shot. We took her home, but the call came this afternoon, when the blood tests came back. Bring her back in; there’s trouble. Kidney and renal issues; she needs a flush and fluids and possible antibiotics. No sign of infection, probably nothing  extremely serious, and this procedure can certainly help her. Yes, she will need meds for the rest of her life. No, we never considered not doing it. I came home early from work, stuffed poor Kitty back into cat carrier for yet another trip, and Vet Dr. Brian took it from there. “She’ll be staying with me tonight,” he said. “Don’t worry, we’ve done this before.”

Poor Kitty gave me such a look as the vet took her out of the waiting room. It was a look that said “traitor.”

Sitting here hours after leaving her, I wonder if we are exactly that. Traitors in terms of putting her through this, even though she is relatively young. Are we doing it for her, or for us? I know many pet owners struggle with this, and Vet Dr. Brian was honest about it. He was for it, because her chances are excellent. And we can do it, because we always have emergency money put aside for just such an event.

It’s a privilege to have the life of a beloved animal in your keeping, no matter how long or short that time may be. It can be a crapshoot to know for absolute certain whether you’ve done exactly the right thing all the time for that creature. I guess I’ll find out more over the next few days.



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2 responses to “Kitty’s Sick, The World Stops…And That Costs How Much?

  1. I’ve done it. If a loved pet can still lead a good life, I will do a lot and pay a lot to help get her there. And I even did it once for a stray that collapsed on my porch. She didn’t make it, but I was glad I tried. Maybe I made her last hours a little easier.

    • Nancy Munro

      Thanks for the support! We do love our middle-aged feline “gal” a lot! No word yet on the final outcome, since the procedure takes a few days.

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