Next Time Around, I’ll Ask For A Bigger Brain

I’m having trouble remembering stuff lately.

No dementia jokes, please. That’s not the problem; I’ve been tested.

Aging could be a contributing factor. Mostly, I think it’s a matter of too much $!*% sitting on my mental real estate, AKA my brain.

Until I turned forty, I never had trouble remembering things. Never used a calendar; I just knew when things were supposed to get done. I was, and I remain, very organized. The difference now: I need artificial intelligence to keep things together. I’ve previously written about the different calendar systems in my life, and my preference for the old-fashioned Page-A-Day books. But now I am starting to wonder: is the memory CD in my head nearly full and about to crash? Would a reboot help, or does it need replacing?

I know that many of my friends have busier, more hectic lives than mine. I have no idea, for example, how anyone with kids manages to keep it together these days. A home, cars,  jobs, school, after-school activities, doctors, shopping, holidays, friends, family – and that’s just the good stuff. How do they deal with the evil influences, like drugs, alcohol, sexting, smoking? Is there really enough space on a Blackberry, iPhone or in a parental brain to schedule discussions, appointments and meetings for all that? In the best of circumstances, you have two parents who work together as a team to make it happen. In the best case plus one, there’s another relative, or a nanny, or a neighbor who can step in as well.

But so many parents I know are doing their best as a solo effort. Some are truly single; some are married, but don’t have help from their spouse due to geographic separation, whether by military or job duties. Others have a partner, but that person chooses to take no active role in home life. This last situation is one I cannot comprehend; how does one person live in complete oblivion in a home with children who can always use another solid role model, to say nothing of love and discipline?

Regardless of how their home life looks, I have nothing but respect for people who raise kids, whether biological, step, adopted or grands, no matter how large the number of offspring.  I am on the market for a brain with more gigs of memory. And when I find it, I’ll gladly rent some space to any parent who needs it.


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