Renovation Update: I Get the Bigger One. So There.

We are moving along on our bathroom renovation. The vanity is in place, and some of the plumbing is going in today. When I get home later, we will be hauling the granite countertop and sink from the dining room into the bathroom and grunting it into position.

That will leave installing the remaining plumbing as one of two major jobs. We have to put all the stuff that came out of the old bathroom back into the new one. Cleaning supplies go under the vanity below the sink. Pretty simple. There are drawers on each side of the sink: husband gets two and I get two, so no problem. Those are for hiding big ugly things, like brushes and combs and toenail clippers.

We have two medicine cabinets, however. A standard-sized model off to the side and a double-doored beauty with two mirrors, placed dead center over the sink. The double doors release from the center, in an “Open, Sez ME!” display of eight glass shelves. Eight shiny, clean glass shelves. The standard cabinet only has four.

You know which cabinet I’m getting.

It has nothing to do with the amount of work I put into the renovation. It has to do with my ability to fill a cabinet wisely. Pre-renovation, all my important and necessary beauty aids were displayed on the bathroom countertop. It was very convenient, but very messy at times. And I could not share the one cabinet we had before. It was old, ugly and unworthy of my purchases, with the exception of the ear drops I use every day (why I thought it was OK for those to sit behind a closed door, and nothing else, I have no idea at this point).

Now, I have the proper storage, and while it cost far more than the sum total of what’s in it, I am hoping there will be enough room for everything. If not, I may sneak a thing or two over to the husband’s side. After all, what does he have to worry about except a few old tubes of mystery cream, some bandages, and a bottle of aspirin? And isn’t it the right thing for a husband to share empty space with his wife?


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