Feed a Husband, Finish a Project

Sometimes, it takes so little to motivate a man.

This morning, all that was required was a doughnut and a small coffee, light cream and one pink sweetener, to get him back to the bathroom remodel. He called it breakfast. I considered it a bribe.

This was not supposed to be the project from Hell. Heck, it’s only half the bathroom. Not even the side with the shower and commode, the really tough parts of a remodel.

We have the parts and pieces. The tile floor was done courtesy of the folks who sold us the tile. OK, so they left a lot of  dust in the master bedroom closet. My bad for not sealing the louvered door before they started. Next time, I’ll know better. Everything else – from restoring the floor molding to painting to adding new plumbing and dual medicine cabinets (I get the bigger one), still remains to be done.

I don’t get why NOT having it done is not motivating in itself. What’s fun about dashing from one side of the house to the other in order to get ready every day? I’m doing my hair in the ripped-apart bathroom (magnifier mirror is still up), brushing my teeth in the guest bathroom (where there is running water) and as for my makeup: that’s a split decision. Anything requiring tweezers and involving my eyebrows and eyelashes is done in the construction zone. Everything else is in the guest bathroom.

Men do not understand this. They have less to do each day to look good and impress the world. They can wash and shave, brush their teeth and pee, and do all of it in the shower stall. What’s left to do, but dry off,  spritz a bit of deodorant, and comb the hair?

I consider anything unfinished as something designed to drive me nuts until it is completed. My husband sees something unfinished as a challenge for tomorrow. You know what that means? I need to go fill out the doughnut store survey, so I can score some free treats they offer for doing so. I’m going to have to keep food coming, until the plumbing (and everything else) gets done.


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