Bathroom Blogging: Time to Sit, S!%* and Write?

You’ve heard the saying, “If you need something done, ask a busy person to do it?”

Do us busy people a favor, and don’t ask.

How crowded has life become, you ask? I kid you not, I took a notepad into the bathroom the other night, so I could write a story draft while I took care of business with the porcelain throne.

So what, you say? How is that different from reading while waiting for my colon to kick in? I guess the difference is a passive activity versus doing actual work. I admit to having a book or two, and a few magazines in a nice wood rack, nestled side-by-side with the extra tissue rolls.  And I’ll even admit to reading what’s in there a time or two, or more.

But literary inspiration of the writing kind has never struck while sitting on my American Standard. It’s become more a matter of time. Working and writing every day, making time to work out, do things around the house (pardon me a moment while I load the dryer with a fifth load of clothes), see friends, volunteer – I need more hours, but don’t we all? It’s difficult to imagine giving up or cutting out much. It’s all important, we think,  because the hard work balances out with the fun stuff. We spend a lot of time convincing ourselves that letting anything go means we are something less than the good people we want to be.

But when faced with the reality of “X” amount of  available time, and more and more to accomplish in it, what gives? Do you change your habits, and start taking work to the bathroom, or other odd places?  Heck, too many people are already talking and texting while driving and walking, resulting in a generation of insane people who appear to be talking to themselves, or zoned-out dopes looking at their hands and moving their thumbs wildly when they should be looking in front of them. Do we need more diversions to fill time that’s already occupied by some other activity, even if it’s one we are required to sit and wait for?

OK, fine. I’ll try not to take the notepad into the bathroom again. No promises, though. You never know what kind of wild thoughts may strike as I await Mother Nature.


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