Outlook, Yahoo!, iPad, Oh My…I Want My Page-A-Day Back!

I have a bad case of calendar confusion.

My iPad (portable), Outlook and ACT (at work), and Yahoo! (at home) all offer scheduling functions. By the month, week, day, hour and minute. Not only can I make a note of what I have to do and who I need to see, but why I have to get it done, plus set a reminder  for a little as five minutes to as long as a month ahead. There are bells, light flashes and pulsating colors to grab what’s left of my tiny attention span and let me know that an important whatever is coming up.

Technology is a wonderful thing, as I have said before. But I miss the days of the Page-A-Day spiral planner.

Kids younger than thirty will never know the annual trek to the office supply store to pick out that appointment book, the cover available in black, brown or red leather-like plastic, stamped “Page-A-Day” in gold on the cover.  Available in several sizes, to display by the day, week or month, the look of your book said a lot about you.

 A  book stuffed with cards, bits of paper and a pen clipped to the binding suggested that you were chronically overbooked, always in demand and on the move. A “messy” book did not mean you were disorganized – after all, you had a Page-A-Day.

A neat book, with no dog-eared pages or stray bits falling out, suggested you had it together, but…you also might not have much going on in life.

There were other versions of the Page-A-Day. Remember the Filofax, the very expensive “day planner and life organizer,” with the diaries, wallets, cases, pens, notepapers, address books, and all of it in tasteful colors with classy British names? It’s still around, now with a website, less expensive goods and even better color choices.

What’s to miss, you’re wondering? The computer and assorted phone devices are much easier, aren’t they? In some ways, yes. On the electronic calendar, making changes doesn’t require erasing or crossing out. Moving appointments around is neater, too, and there is the advantage of setting a reminder alarm.

I guess it’s the number of calendars I have to contend with now, not so much the electronic versus paper issue. Before the computer, I had a Page-A-Day, period. And I had to open it every day, and look at what my day would bring.  Now, I can’t escape the pop up reminders and  ringing alarms that tell me there’s stuff to do at home, at work, for freelance, for this blog. Stuff I scheduled ages ago, and cannot recall why I did it. it’s a good thing I’ve figured out how to hit the snooze button on those reminder alarms. Otherwise, I’d never get anything done.



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